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Ho Chi Minh City Hall

Can Tho, Vietnam

Our host community for the Medical and Dental Outreach programs is Can Tho, the heart of the Mekong River Delta region in Southern Vietnam. Can Tho is a developing yet peaceful city that is well-known for its hospitality, floating markets, delicious cuisines, orchard gardens and so on.

From Can Tho, it is not difficult to travel by bus or plane to other amazing destinations in Vietnam, from beautiful beaches and ancient towns along the Central Coast to spectacular mountainous landscapes and crowded capital area in the North.

The Veterinary Outreach site, on the other hand, is expected to pilot in the Dak Lak province, in the Central Highlands, a land famous for its coffee, rubber, majestic waterfalls and ethnic minoritiesโ€™ festivals. Dak Lak’s forests have various rare animal species, and, especially, a large population of elephants, mainly distributed in some of the biggest Vietnamese National Parks.

VAW Global Health Alliances has been working in Vietnam since 2017, beginning with Medical Outreach, and following with the Dental Outreach and Veterinary to be started in the near future.

  • Programs available: Medical, Dental (pilot) & Veterinary (TBA)
  • Site: Can Tho (Mekong Delta)
  • Airport: Tan Son Nhat Airport (SGN)
  • Language: Vietnamese
  • Housing: local guesthouse
  • Work schedule: Orientations & workshops for professional development and cultural sensitivity training, 6 project development (clinical) days, Education day, Professional development activity (Medical Outreach: Hospital visit)

Medical Outreach Dental Outreach Veterinary Outreach