LIVE Suture Workshop

Join our four-day online suture training today! Get 6 contact hours (0.6 CEUs) during our LIVE suture sessions with one of our best VAW Global Physicians in the Dominican Republic. Learn, practice and develop your basics suture skills from the comfort of your home … and you will receive a free suture kit! Only 15 students per class!

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What you will receive.

Besides the Suture Kit* (valued at $30) for you to practice with, you will learn:

  • Understanding of minor surgery
  • Suture kit instrument handling, manage and use
  • Basic anatomy of the human skin
  • Stitches materials and suture materials such as threads, staple, adhesive tape, zip, etc.
  • Types of threads, types of suture and their applications
  • Simple suture interrupted and continue and mattress suture

Check a Suture Workshop schedule sample here 

*Signs Ups outside the US will require an additional cost for shipping the suture kit.

What do I need to join?

  • It would be recommended (but not mandatory) for you to have a web camera on your computer or phone so the instructor can watch your hands and sutures to answer any questions during the workshop.
  • Basic knowledge of histology of the skin and basic anatomy is desired but not a requirement
  • 1 additional hour of practice on your own after sessions 1, 2, and 3 is highly recommended.

Global Partners. Global Movement! 

VAW Global’s TeleHealth program gives professionals from LMICs the opportunity to share their expertise on a global scale. Our global partners in telehealth are local physicians who practice in their communities. Too often, professionals from LMICs are not included in conversations about healthcare and their voices are rarely listened to when policy is made.  VAW Global’s Telehealth program is giving physicians around the world opportunities to share their expertise, have their voices heard, and be a part of a global movement.

Together we can fund access to equitable healthcare around the world.
Why the VAW Global Telehealth Program is important and unique?

Medical School Application? 

If you would like to include this program in your Medical School or PA Application you can put our CEO Mark Stanley as the person to contact. You will also get a Course Completion Certificate for 6 CEC Hours, once you complete the course, pass a quiz and send us photographic proof of the results of your suture practice.

Live Suture Workshop for Groups!

If you are a group of students interested in signing up, please use the GROUPS Sign UP Form and get a special deal for your team. 

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