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Global Public Health Fellowship
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Seeking a pre-medical, pre-dental, pre-veterinary, or global and public health-related leadership opportunity abroad? Join the VAW Global Public Health Fellowship. We are looking for Team Leaders and Chapter Presidents at your university or within your community!

The Team Leader (TL) will have a number of responsibilities throughout the year, including recruiting a team of interns, developing a board of students, establishing VAW Global as an official club or class, attending online training and meetings, and preparing their team for an Internship Trip abroad during Summer, Spring or Winter Break-ย  through team workshops and fundraising.

VAW Global expects the TL to dedicate a minimum of 3-5 hours per week to this role. If you are not able to travel abroad with your team, you can assign one of the interns as a Site Leader (SL) to take over this part of the role for you.

Build your resume for pre-professional schools!

During the Team Leader Fellowship, you willโ€ฆ

  • Understand healthcare in a global context focused on LMICs
  • Gain effective leadership experience
  • Acquire International and public health work exposure
  • Develop team management, cultural competence, social conscientiousness, and public speaking skills
  • Shadow local physicians and learn about clinic logistics, disease diagnosis, and basic pharmacology
  • Attend several orientations and workshops focused on professional development and cultural sensitivity

Find out more: Global Public Health Fellowship description

Ready to be a Team Leader for 2024-2025?

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Join our movement to strengthen your experience in public health and medicine, dentistry, and/or veterinary medicine while supporting healthcare systems around the world. Together we can fund access to equitable healthcare around the world!