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Global Health Outreach

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VAW Global Health Alliances develops community health systems while providing interns the opportunity to work alongside experienced local professionals. VAW Global Global Health Interns work closely with local masons, partners, and families to build capacity to support health systems across low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). Through the Global Health Outreach program, interns learn about increasing access to safe drinking water, planting garden boxes to strengthen nutritional security, and constructing latrines for proper waste disposal, among other healthy living projects — all under the direct supervision of experienced, local staff.

Interns will prepare for their trip throughout the year by attending team training sessions, participating in local community service projects, and developing team building activities, led by their Team Leader or Faculty Team Leader. Interns are required to attend trainings and workshops prior to their trip, so that they are well prepared upon arrival in country.

This is an intensive internship — valuable to those interested in going into the fields of public health, international development, and engineering, as well as future healthcare providers, global practitioners, and anyone interested in gaining skills in public health while supporting healthcare systems around the world.

While on-site, interns will be required to attend several orientations and workshops focused on professional development and cultural sensitivity, which will reinforce the trainings they did leading up to their trip. Additionally, interns will be required to demonstrate proficiency in worksite skills, such as understanding accident mitigation, among other skills — approved by a local leaders — before being allowed to assist on project days.

Throughout their time in-country, and especially while at the project site, it is of utmost importance that interns portray health care realities and burden of disease accurately, show professionalism, and respect families privacy and integrity at all times. During project work days, interns will be work each day on one of the following projects: potable water filter, garden box, compost box, and latrine construction.

Education Day

Based on each school’s needs, our teams work with community teachers to develop different health promotion projects throughout the year in collaboration with local partners.

In-Country Schedule

VAW Global Global Health Outreach offers two trip lengths: two weeks (15 days) or one week (7 days). On the two week trip, there will be six project work days; on the one week trip, there will be three project work days. Each country varies slightly in how the schedule is arranged and what opportunities are available.

All interns are responsible for covering their program fees, medication and supply fund fee, plane tickets, spending money, and any additional expenses.

VAW Global Health Alliances constantly strives to provide the best quality sustainable development projects alongside local communities and the best professional development opportunities for the interns. We follow the guidelines outlined by leading organizations, such as the United Nations (UN). Please feel free to review the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on their website directly here.

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