“I came into the TeleHealth program with many misconceptions about the health systems of middle to lower class countries. One of which was that formal healthcare systems were nonexistent in many of these countries. This belief was discounted the first day of the program by the in-depth description of the structure of healthcare systems of LMICs like Peru, Guatemala, and the Dominican Republic. (…) Going through the VAW TeleHealth program has been an eye-opening experience. This program has been a great resource to continue my drive for a medical career, especially during this period where extracurricular activities aimed toward the health profession are hard to come by. It has encouraged me to dive deeper into my passion for the medical field and given me insight on how to promote healthcare for all.”

Evan Khalil, San Diego State University

“Overall, this internship was extremely helpful. I can use what I have learned when working with my patients and my fellow peers”. 

Eve Siame, University of San Francisco

“Through the TeleHealth Program, I was introduced to various cultural norms regarding medical proceedings from different regions in the world. Prior to the internship, a preconception and misconception I carried with me was that the procedures followed in these hispanic hospitals would be different from those in American hospitals. By participating in this internship, my perspective of local medicine in other countries changed and I acknowledged the skills needed to work sufficiently well with patients in the medical field. The videos provided intimate detail into a doctor’s experience while diagnosing and treating patients, an insight many could not obtain otherwise”.

Aditi Phatak, Dublin High School

“One case study that opened my eyes to my privilege was the typhoid fever diagnosis. This case study interested me because I recently completed microbiology and in this class, I learned about Salmonella typhi, which cases typhoid fever. The typhoid fever diagnosis gave me perspective as in my microbiology class we learned that typhoid fever is not a big concern in the United States but is a concern in third world countries with poor sewage treatment”.

Callan Grah, University of San Francisco

“I have learned a lot about so many different aspects of healthcare such as the policy, systems, instruments, pathologies, etc. I also think that it’s so valuable to look at other countries’ healthcare systems. Overall, I think that this internship was a very eye-opening and wholesome experience because my view of the LAC health system has helped eradicate all the preconceptions and misconceptions that I had about their health system”.

Jane Lee, UC Berkeley

“Going through this internship has helped me gain a better sense of what happens in a medical consultation and the thought process that doctors go through. My worldview has been expanded because I was exposed to more cultures and was able to see the important role culture plays in healthcare”. 

Andrea Butler University of San Francisco

“After this learning experience, I think the healthcare in low- and middle-income countries is well suited to the patients they cater, they do not need any “saving”. 

Farah Bayram, George Mason University

“Throughout the four weeks of this program, there have been many new aspects of medicine that I was able to expose myself to. As a first-year nursing student, I have not yet had the opportunity to immerse myself in a hospital environment to do clinical rotations. The series of videos included in this program gave me a better understanding of healthcare in other countries. Watching these videos gave me an outsider’s perspective on how a doctor-patient interaction can occur. There are a wide variety of different patients that one can encounter and I believe that these videos were able to depict a wide variety of patients and conditions.  Something that I really enjoyed about week three’s video medical consultations was that it was completely relevant to the pandemic that we are currently living through right now. It’s difficult to fully understand how other parts of the world are experiencing the effects of COVID-19″.  

Isabella Paloma, University of San Francisco

“I am truly dedicated to the field of medicine and hope to gain more information in any way I can. Through this program I was able to learn about different healthcare practices in different countries as well as techniques on how to handle medical consultations”.

Eve Siame, University of San Francisco

“This was such a great opportunity to be able to get some clinical experience from home. Being able to have a close up view of someone doing medical procedure is super helpful, especially for people who learn better by watching than doing hands on activities”.

Intern Testimonial, Nov 2020

“The majority of the content was easy to understand and concepts were explained well by the doctors, especially when the doctors would summarize what just happened in the consultation.”

Intern Testimonial, Nov 2020

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