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Program fees cover all housing, food, medical and non-medical staff, translator, and in country transportation. Interns pay for their plane tickets, spending money, and fun travel separately. If you are traveling with a faculty-led chapter, additional fees may apply.

Program Fees for Outreach Trips

Medical Outreach is available in all of VAW’s host countries.

*Dental Outreach is available in the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Peru and Vietnam.

*Veterinary Outreach is available in Guatemala and and Peru.

*Global Health Outreach is available in Guatemala.

Country Regular program fee High season program fee**
Cambodia $1795  $1895
Dominican Republic* $1795 $1895
Guatemala** $1795 $1895
Panama $1795  $1895
Peru** $1795 $1895
Vietnam* $1795 $1895

**VAW Global Health Alliance’s high season is in the months of May and August, as well as from December 24-January 1. If any of a team’s trip days fall within that range, the high season program fee applies.

The program fees DO include the following: (1) Food and lodging* in the host community for up to two weeks; (2) In country transportation to and from scheduled work sites; (3) Transportation to and from the airport in the host community; (4) Working with  local partner organizations; (5) Gaining valuable international experience; (6) Orientation in the host community; (7) Access to 24-hour support staff on-site in the host community; (8) Access to support staff prior to departure to the host community; (9) Participation in productive intern work; (10) Living in communities with VAW Global staff and other interns; and (11) travel insurance,  including medical insurance in country. Interns should check with their local schools, as some provide college credit for VAW Global’s abroad program.

The program fees DO NOT include (1) Passport, entry, or visa fees; (2) Independent travel during, before or after the program; *(3) Food, lodging and transportation during independent travel; (4) Personal expenses; (5) airfare; or (6) faculty program fees or airfare if traveling with a faculty-led trip.

Program fees may change without notice due to currency exchanges and the unique nature of international travel. Current prices are available on VAW Global’s website.

Program fees cover interns housing, food, clinic transportation and staff while they are in the host community. They cover transportation to and from the airport in the host country if they are flying with the group. It does not include flights or funds for outside/free day activities. Please feel free to read through our full Terms & Conditions.

VAW Program Fees Graph

Dates and Deadlines

Applications are accepted throughout the year and are subject to limited availability. Individual interns will be placed on a team with an existing chapter during dates that are convenient for them. Clubs are run throughout the year at universities throughout the world. International trips take place during winter, spring and summer breaks.

Deposit deadlines are different for every team. Please contact us or your chapter leader for more information. Airfare is typically purchased 100 days (3.5 months) prior to departure. All fees are due in full no later than 8 weeks prior to trip departure.

*The first $250 of deposits plus any funds already spent (e.g., airfare) are non-refundable and non-transferable. Careful planning goes into developing volunteer abroad programs. As a result, VAW Global Health Alliance incurs substantial administrative and planning costs prior to the start of each program. Additionally, eight weeks (56 days) prior to the trip, no funds are refundable because we have to pay in-country costs (e.g., hotel, transportation).

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