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Virtual Shadowing: VAW Global Telehealth

Shadow online Health Professionals from LMICs from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Spend four weeks virtual shadowing real clinical consultations and medical cases, and learn how health system in low and middle-income countries work. Sign up now!

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Together we can fund access to equitable healthcare around the world. Why the VAW Global Telehealth Program is important and unique?

VAW Global Telehealth Introductory Course

We have designed these courses to be much like a course in continuing education.  As you continue in your educational and professional careers, continuing education will become a part of how you maintain your license and stay current in the ever evolving and rapidly changing discipline of healthcare.

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“I learned quite a lot through this course.
It opened my eyes to how healthcare is distributed, the cultural differences in patient-doctor relationships, limitations of the patients and doctors, how COVID-19 is handled, and what telehealth is really like”. 

– Tal Saadia, George Mason University

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What would you receive?

Our global partners in telehealth are local physicians who practice in their communities. During the four-week program TeleHealth: Introductory Course you will have access to: 

  • Introductory orientation videos on public health, health care systems in Latin America, biosafety guidelines and country profiles from DR, Guatemala and Perú.
  • 15 videos of actual consultations in Guatemala and the Dominican Republic*.
  • 6 videos of Peruvian doctors explaining an interesting medical case they experienced during their career.
  • A live question and answer session with a doctor regarding the consultations observed.
  • *2 Dental Consultation/Classes from the Dominican Republic

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These classes are valuable to providing pre-medical, pre-veterinarian, nursing, and pre-dental students, in addition to anyone interested in public health and development work, the opportunity to learn more about healthcare in a global context while supporting existing local health systems in LMICs, all with the convenience of being able to do so from the comfort of their own home, office, or wherever they have an internet connection! 

Medical School Application? 

If you would like to include this program in your Medical School or PA Application you can put our CEO Mark Stanley as the person to contact. You will also get a Completion Hour Certificate once you finish and submit your Reflection Report.

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Telehealth for Groups!

If you are a group of students interested in signing up for the Telehealth Introductory Course, please use the GROUPS Sign UP Form and get a special deal for your team. If  you  would be interested  in  becoming  a team leader  and  recruit  interns  virtually  or on your  university  campus,  email  us at teamdevelopment@vawglobal.org

If you have more questions, please visit our Telehealth FAQs


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TeleheaTestimonialsTelehealth Brief HistoryWHYFAQs – Terms & Conditions



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