VAW Global Telehealth Programs  

We have designed these online courses to be much like a course in continuing education, valuable to pre-medical, pre-health and nursing students, in addition to anyone interested in public health and development work.  This is an opportunity to learn more about healthcare in a global context.

By joining any of our online courses, you expand your knowledge, while supporting local healthcare systems abroad. VAW Telehealth program fees go toward supporting our mission of creating equitable access to quality healthcare around the world. Why the Telehealth Programs are important and unique?

+ Telehealth. The Public Health & Virtual Shadowing Course 

Learn about Public Health while virtual shadowing Health Professionals from Low-Middle Income Countries (LMICs) during four weeks.  Watch real clinical consultations and medical cases, and understand how health systems work outside the US, broadening your knowledge and challenging your preconceptions! Plus get 13 medical shadowing hours. >> More Info

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+ Telehealth. The LIVE Suture Workshop

Join our four-day online suture training today! Get 6 credit hours (0.6 CEUs) during our LIVE suture sessions with one of our best VAW Global Physicians in the Dominican Republic. Learn, practice and develop your basics suture skills from the comfort of your home … and you will receive a free suture kit! Only 15 students per class! >> More Info

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+Telehealth. Dental Virtual Shadowing  

In this three-week online course (6.5 dental shadowing hours) you will shadow Dental Professionals from Low-Middle Income Countries (LMICs) to acquire unique information about the reality of the field of dentistry outside the U.S. You will learn about dentistry with a specific focus on findings, challenges, and strategies taking place in under-resourced rural areas. Give yourself the opportunity to expand your vision and your knowledge as a future Dental Professional! >> More Info

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Want to be an Influencer?

Be part of the solution to ending inequities in healthcare in low to middle-income countries! VAW Global employs commercial strategies to raise funding to support physicians and patients around the world. The online, Telehealth Program is our best way of raising funds during this crazy time of the pandemic that has made travel a challenge. 

Use your influence to inspire others to support a cause that is making a difference for patients and saving lives!  If helping people through medicine is your passion, join us!  Email nicole@vawglobal.org for more information!

Together we can fund access to equitable healthcare around the world.
Thank you for being a part of this innovative method for tackling one of the world’s biggest challenges – health equity for all!
We hope you enjoy this series.


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