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In this three-week online course (6.5 dental shadowing hours) you will shadow Dental Professionals from Low-Middle Income Countries (LMICs) to acquire unique information about the reality of the field of dentistry outside the U.S. You will learn about dentistry with a specific focus on findings, challenges, and strategies taking place in under-resourced rural areas. Give yourself the opportunity to expand your vision and your knowledge as a future Dental Professional!  

What you will receive.

During the three-week program you will have access to:

  • Introductory orientation videos on public health, health care systems in Latin America, biosafety guidelines and country profiles from DR, Guatemala and Perú.
  • Live Session: Dental Cavities: evolution and use of the traditional medicine among the rural communities in the highlands of Peru
  • Live Session: Oral Health Prevention. How to make it work in Rural Peruvian communities at altitudes above 13,000 feet!
  • 1 Dental Class with our Doctor from the Dominican Republic: Cavities & Restorations
  • 1 DR Dental Consultation: Patient Evaluation & Dentistry.

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Global Partners. Global Movement.

VAW Global’s TeleHealth programs give professionals from LMICs the opportunity to share their expertise on a global scale. Our global partners in telehealth are local physicians who practice in their communities. Too often, professionals from LMICs are not included in conversations about healthcare and their voices are rarely listened to when policy is made.  VAW Global’s Telehealth program is giving physicians around the world opportunities to present medical cases, have their voices heard, and be a part of a global movement.

Together we can fund access to equitable healthcare around the world.
Why the VAW Global Telehealth Program is important and unique?

Medical School Application? 

If you would like to include this program in your Dental School application you can put our CEO, Mark Stanley, as the person to contact. You will also get a Course Completion Certificate for 6 CEC Hours, once you complete a final evaluation. 

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If you are a group of students interested in signing up for the Telehealth Introductory Course, please use the GROUPS Sign UP Form and get a special deal for your team. 

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SIGN UP May 3   GROUP sign up

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