Frecuently Asked Questions: TH Introductory Course

Is the program on a strict schedule or can one watch any of the videos any time of the month?
You will get access to the TeleHealth content through Google Drive. The content of the course will be released week by week to your email and will be available 24/7 during the 4 weeks of the program. After that date, you won’t have access to the videos and materials anymore. So, no, there is no strict schedule. Also, the LIVE meetings are recorded in case you cannot attend.

What kind of videos and live sessions will I be able to access during the program?

  • Introductory orientation videos on public health, health care systems in Latin America, and biosafety guidelines.
  • Videos of actual consultations in Guatemala and the Dominican Republic.
  • Videos of doctors explaining an interesting medical case they experienced during their career.
  • A live question and answer session with a doctor regarding the consultations observed.

How long are the consultations and medical case reviews?
Varies. Medical Consultations goes from 12 to 24 mins; and Medical Cases from 25 to 55 mins.

Can I include this course in my Medical School Application?
Yes! If you would like to include this program in your Medical School or PA Application you can put our CEO Mark Stanley (mark@vawglobal.org) as the person to contact. You can also add our main email contact teamdevelopment@vawglobal.org

Do I get a certificate after finishing the program?  Does the certificate indicate the number of clinical hours completed?
Yes, at the end of the program, after you submit your Reflection Paper, you will receive a completion certificate stating 13 hours.

Can this count as Healthcare Experience? 
Yes! You can add this course as “Virtual Shadowing” or “Virtual Clinical Hours”. Virtual shadowing is now being considered by a variety of health professional admissions officers. Your commitment to medicine must be demonstrated in a variety of ways – especially, during these times when your involvement could make a huge difference.

What does the Reflection Paper entail?
This is a two page paper wherein you should analyze and explain the new learning experiences and new discoveries you made about Public Health, Medicine in LMICs, and Healthcare during the online course.

What is the purpose of this program? 
To expand understanding of health system information in LMICs (low to middle-income countries) for interns, We have designed these courses to be similar to a course in continuing education.
As you continue in your professional careers, continuing education will become a part of how you maintain your license and stay current in the ever evolving and rapidly changing discipline of healthcare!

Will this program happen every month? 
We are opening a course every month and sometimes twice per month. However, once borders open we might focus on in-country operations again. We recommend you to take advantage of the program now, since the next phase and new content may be developed soon. You can check the dates available here: https://www.vawglobal.org/get-involved/telehealth-sign-up-contact-us/

Is there any deal or special price to join Telehealth?
Yes, you can see the deals available here https://www.vawglobal.org/get-involved/telehealth-sign-up-contact-us/ we change them from time to time. We also have a special price for health students living in our Partner Countries: Cambodia, Guatemala, Perú, Dominican Republic, Panama and Vietnam. If you are currently living in one of those countries and would like to sign up for Telehealth Introductory Course please emails us at teamdevelopment@vawglobal.org

I just signed up and can’t find the emails in my inbox?
We will email you within 48 hours of you signing up. Please check your spam/junk folder. If it is not there, email us at teamdevelopment@vawglobal.org