Operations & Vietnam Outreach Coordinator

Operations & Vietnam Outreach Coordinator

EEO Policy Operations Coordinator Application HERE

We are looking for an Operations & Vietnam Outreach Coordinator, who is responsible for supporting and developing operations projects with VAW Global throughout the year, ensuring that everything is organized when the groups arrive in Can Tho, helping prepare the interns for travel prior to their departure (in coordination with VAW Global staff) and in leading them during their time in-country.

Job Description:

  • Operations Coordinator:
    • Develop and support new Operations projects online with the VAW Global team.
    • Manage and improve VAW Global’s social media channels.
    • Design necessary documents to manage projects.
    • Design materials and edit videos for Operations and Marketing purposes.
    • Implement, run and supervise new Outreach chapters at universities around the world.
    • Recruit and train Team Leaders at universities and help them raise a team to go abroad.
    • Regular meetings with VAW Global staff and Team Leaders via email, telephone and Google Meet.
  • Vietnam Site Coordinator:
    • Manage the VAW Global Operation for Medical, Dental and Veterinary outreach types in Can Tho and Dak Lak areas.
    • Arrange all logistics for teams (clinic purchases) and supervise all in country staff and activities.
    • Work with local governments/communities and schools to arrange education days.
  • More details can be found in THIS JOB DESCRIPTION

Job Requirement:

  • Experience & Skills:
    • Extensive knowledge of the Mekong Delta region.
    • Staff management experience.
    • Preferred experience: working in hospitality with foreigners and clinical work.
    • Bilingual in English and Vietnamese.
    • Strong knowledge of Email and Google Drive (Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc.).
    • Demonstrate high levels of integrity, maturity, honesty and responsibility.
    • Strategic thinking, proactivity, time management and high levels of organizational skills are mandatory.
  • Other special requirements:
    • Site Coordinator’s working location: Can Tho, DakLak and their surrounding areas, Vietnam.
    • Your own working tools: Computer, Wifi, Quiet place for online meetings, Smartphone.
    • Working schedule: As per discussion.
    • At least 2-month notice before resignation.

Application requirements:

  • Read the Job Description thoroughly and Send any questions you may have to ngoc.le@vawglobal.org;
  • Prepare necessary documents, including:
    1. A Cover letter/Motivation letter (in English, 2 pages max) — to show your English Writing skills;
    2. A CV/Resumé (in English, 4 pages max) — to show your Background & Experience;
    3. A Video of you introducing yourself (in vertical frame, with stickers and effects, in English, 5 minutes max) — to show your Creativity and Video Editing skills;
    4. A Video of you making THIS PRESENTATION (in English, 5 minutes max) — to show your English Speaking skills;
    5. An Offer letter template to a school for partnership opportunity (in Vietnamese, 2 pages max) — to show your understanding of our organization and your Vietnamese language skills;
  • Upload the documents into a Google Drive folder;
  • Fill and submit the application form (link below);
  • Prepare for an interview with VAW Global.

Operations Coordinator Application HERE