MASTER TEAM, TYPE, COUNTRY, MONTH 2019 -- Flight Reservation Form

Flight Reservation Form

This form will be sent directly to the travel agent. Please carefully double check that all of your information, including the spelling of your name, birthdate and airport preference, are correct. Please note that once tickets are issued, there may be a fee associated with changing any of the information (including name and airport preference), for which the volunteer will be responsible.

Please note that you can arrive/depart from any airport that you wish. However, if you are not on the same flight as the group and we are unable to find a flight that arrives/departs at approximately the same time as the rest of the group (and/or if your flight for any reason does not arrive/depart on time, and you are not traveling with the group) you will be responsible for your own transportation to/from the airport to the host community (we are happy to help you arrange transportation with a trusted driver, but you will be responsible for covering the cost).

*Note: if you do not have an updated passport, still fill out the flight form and simply put β€œin process” for your passport number and an approximate date for your new passport expiration date. Once you receive your new passport, please update your Empowered application/volunteer sign-up form with your new passport number, expiration date, and your full name as it appears on your new passport and email your Team Development Coordinator to let them know that it has been updated.

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