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We work with talented young professionals who lead VAW Global Chapters at different well known universities in US and also South East Asia, Europe and Latin America.

We strive to develop relationships with Academics and Study Abroad Departments at the universities where we are. We are continue looking for ways to strengthens the collaborative work to ensure a safe and enriching experience for our Team Leaders and Interns providing greater opportunities for their future in the Health field.

VAW Global Safety Guidelines

During our Outreach Internships abroad, VAW Global does encourage and support Safety Measures and COVID-19 Protocol execution.  Every intern must take responsibility for their own safety by obeying rules and follow basic guidelines that will help everyone be prepared when traveling to a foreign country.

Furthermore, keep a close eye to safety alerts, especially regarding COVID-19 information from the US Embassy & consulate in Cambodia  / Dominican Republic / Guatemala / Panama  / Peru / Vietnam to better understand the overview situation in the host country.

VAW Global Emergency Contact

The VAW Global Staff is always alert to support and assist any emergency during the intern´s time abroad. This is our EMERGENCY CONTACT directory. We would be happy to speak with you about any questions or concerns. Please, contact us.

Partner with us: Faculty Lead Chapters

A VAW Global Outreach trip can often be established as a semester-long course that provides additional credits to the students, with the final aspect being the trip abroad. If you are a University Faculty or Professor interested in start a VAW Global Chapter at your University, let´s discuss a partnership. Contact us!