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Join our movement to strengthen your experience in public health and medicine, dentistry, and/or veterinary medicine while supporting healthcare systems around the world.

VAW Global Health Alliances develops community health systems while providing interns the opportunity to work alongside experienced local healthcare professionals. VAW Global Interns work closely with community partners to implement medical, dental, and veterinary clinics and global health projects across low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).


This is an intensive internship โ€” open anyone who is serious about their relevant area of study and has an interest in public health on a global level. In partnership with local communities and healthcare professionals, interns have the opportunity to gain skills in public health while supporting healthcare systems around the world. Interns are required to attend trainings and workshops prior to their trip, so that they are well prepared upon arrival in country.

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Weโ€™re always looking for energetic people from across the globe to join our team. We look for team members that are committed to understanding and addressing systemic inequities, including a wide range of socioeconomic barriers and ethnic or cultural factors, and treating all people equally.

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We strive to develop relationships with Academics and Study Abroad Departments at the universities where we are. We are continue looking for ways to strengthens the collaborative work to ensure a safe and enriching experience for our Team Leaders and Interns providing greater opportunities for their future in the Health field.

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