Confirmation Form to Set up team

Medical Outreach Internship, Guatemala, December 16-23, 2021

We have received your contact information as an intern interested in traveling abroad with VAW Global. In order to officially enroll in the trip, we need you to complete this Formal Trip Confirmation and make the first 250$ deposit before the due date.

Costs include:

  • $990 program fee
  • $50 medications & supply fee
  • airfare (variable)

Tentative deposit Schedule:

  • Deposit 1 ($250): October 1, 2021 — via Paypal
  • Deposit 2 ($900): October 15, 2021 — via Empowered
  • Flight Purchase: November 1-9, 2021 — via Empowered
  • Final Deposit (Remainder): November 15, 2021 — via Empowered

Please contact:

  • Your Team Development Coordinator (TDC) for any questions.
  • Nicole Arguedas (nicole@vawglobal.org) for urgent general questions.
  • Tammie Kelley (tammie@vawglobal.org) for financial and/or deposit questions.

First Deposit Confirmation Form to Set up Team

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Country and dates confirmation*
Your team will be traveling to Guatemala on December 16-23, 2021.
Minimum Number of Interns Required*
If your team does not reach a minimum of 5 interns confirmed by the Deposit 1 due date, you could be transferred to another team traveling this Winter that has spots available (See Upcoming Outreach Internship page)
Financial Commitment*
So that you can be prepared, the cost of your VAW Global trip is the program fee ($990), medication & supply fee ($50) and airfare (variable).
Deposit Schedule Commitment*
The first deposit is $250 and is non-refundable and non-transferable, but may be able to be applied to future VAW Global trips. Your full deposit schedule will be sent to you by the financial department within the next 1-2 weeks. It is important that you stay up to date with your payment
Insurance: Cancel for Any Reason*
Participation Commitment*
To be well prepared for this amazing experience, it is very important that you attend your team's meetings, read through the documents provided by VAW Global and read every email sent to you. You will get out of this experience what you put into it, so it's important for YOU to take personal responsibility for preparing yourself.
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