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Chhengan "An" Ul

Site Outreach Coordinator

Hi! My name is Chhengan Ul but everyone prefers to call me only An. I am from Kompong Cham Province which is close to the capital city and I moved to live in Siem Reap since 2010 to continued to take a Bachelor Degree. I graduated from Phanhasatra University of Cambodia, Siem Reap Campus and my major was Financial and Banking. While I was an undergraduate I spent most of my free time to volunteers in  social work programs that focused on health care, and culture exchange. 

Not at all, I was a translator and projects supporter for students from Hong Kong University to assist and helped them to work on the Community project and Culture Exchange Program. After finished my Bachelor Degree, I applied to work in a bank in order to practiced by relate degree. However, after a while I found myself that this  job wasn’t a match for me.

Social Contribution and responsibility is  the mission of my work career, Volunteer Around the World  has focus on all those majors and it is the reasons that encourage  me to join with VAW. I have been working with VAW since May 2017, I absolutely appreciate VAW for bringing medical outreach program that offers Mobile Clinic to my communities  which give them to access for medical and dental treatment, and health education for free. It’s very helpful for villagers that cannot afford it. Nothing happy to see my people living in healthy and continue to understand about health education.

Dr. Ly Pagnarith

Medical Coordinator

Hi! My name is Ly pagnarith, I am from Phnom Penh, the capital and most populous of Cambodia, where I grew up and studied medical school. I graduated from University of Health and Science in 2014 as a medical doctor. After that I worked at University Research Co.,LLC as a team for Quality of Care assessment of USAID social health protection project, and then I have worked as physician at French NGO (Mission Humanitaire). 

There I learned a lot of things, did the mobile clinic, went to many places in Cambodia and knew the situation of people’s lifestyle in the province. Recently, I have been working at NekTeb Clinic in Siem Reap, a resort town in northwest Cambodia, being a popular tourist destination because of having a lot of ancient temples, especially Angkor temple, the central feature of the Angkor UNESCO world heritage site. As a medical student, I always hope that I could help the people to understand about their health, the importance of hygiene and nutrition that why I become a part of Volunteers Around the World (VAW) to do the mobile clinic to provide communities with access to medical and dental treatment, medication, nutritional security, clean water and health education to those that cannot afford it. This is a high motivation for me being a part of the VAW team. When I have free time I like to play football, chess, read books and watch movies.

Nathalie Rodriguez

Site Outreach Coordinator
Dominican Republic

Hello! My name is Nathalie Rodriguez. I was born in Jarabacoa, the most beautiful town of the Dominican Republic! I finished high school when I was 16 years old and studied two years of marketing at UNPHU University. I studied English as a second language in YD Language Center where I started working as a secretary and then I became an administrator and teacher.

I am a nature lover so in my free time, I love doing outdoor activities and going out to contemplate the beautiful mountains that surround my beautiful town of Jarabacoa. When we love to serve people in need we often give ourselves deeper purpose and meaning and that nearly always leads to greater happiness, so this is what I enjoy most about working for VAW and the amazing experience this job gives me to connect with the people in my community.

Miguel Yojcom

Site Outreach Coordinator

My name is Miguel Yojcom Gonzalez, I was born in the city of Guatemala, department of Sololá, municipality of San Pedro La Laguna on December 3, 2115, my primary school was held at the Humberto Corzo Guzmán Mixed Urban Official School, my secondary school held at the Bethel School From a very young age, vehicles have caught my attention to this day. From the age of 12 I started with my little passion for vehicles and traveled almost all of Guatemala for the service of people, whether it be light, heavy or cargo transport, currently I have a small business for the service of people.

I consider myself a restless and active person, I like to speak clearly and I try to apply transparency in any type of work, I like to do new things and try different challenges, I think and analyze a problem several times so that everything goes well, I intend to do things well for the benefit of all.

Dr. Israel Hernandez

Medical Coordinator

Dr. Israel Hernandez graduated from the University of San Carlos in Guatemala in 1995, with the title Medical Doctor and Surgeon. Dr. Hernandez also has a Post Graduate title in Community Attention to Persons with Diabetes from the University of San Carlos in Guatemala.

He has worked for 15 years in Community Health and currently holds a diploma for Risk Management and Reduction from the Instituto Nacional de Administracion Publica de Guatemala. Dr. Hernandez is also studying for a diploma in Nutrition in Emergency Situations from the Instituto de Nutricion de Centroamerica y Panama (INCAP). Dr. Hernandez began working with Volunteers Around the World in 2004 and has been instrumental in the development of the organization.

Ninfa Cuervo

Site Outreach Coordinator

My formal degree is in Business Administration from Universidad Veracruzana. I have experience living in big and small cities like Toronto, México City, San Miguel de Allende and other nice places.

I like to travel and make friends all over the world. I’m a part of a multicultural family with my Ukrainian husband and my two little children. We enjoy living in a cultural, artistic and touristic place. Likewise, I consider myself a social and empathetic, as well as good team worker. I am a part of a very nice community of mothers and children in Oaxaca. As a professional I like to organize, coordinate and research the best options for all kinds of business and personal projects.

I´m very grateful and excited to work with VAW as a México Site Outreach Coordinator. My country and community appreciate this great opportunity in this part of the world. Thanks. Mucho gusto!

Veronica Joseph Antunez

Site Outreach Coordinator

I was born and raised in the province of Bocas del Toro in Panama. I had the opportunity to go to high school in the US in 2004 where I also began a hotel management & culinary arts course after graduation. In 2008, I returned to Bocas del Toro where I currently live with my three kids. I was given the opportunity to be part of VAW Global in 2014 as an Outreach Assistant, working hand in hand with the interns to provide aid to vulnerable communities. Through this experience I’ve been able to grow personally and also within the company. 

When I am not working for VAW I work managing my hostel & restaurant on Bastimentos Island. In my free time I enjoy being with my kids, fishing and relaxing on the beach with friends. My goal is to continue to grow in knowledge and to one day be able to provide sustainability within the communities where we currently work.

Marina Ascue Cabrera

Site Outreach Coordinator

My name is Marina Ascue and I was born and raised in Cusco, although I also spent part of my childhood in Arequipa. I finished my high school studies at San Borja High School, the first high school in the city of Cusco. I earned my degree in tourism from the University of San Antonio Abad of Cusco. I enjoy meeting people from all over the world and teaching them about my culture and beautiful home region.

In my free time, I enjoy traveling and exploring new places. When I’m not working, I will often travel with my family to the Cusqueñan countryside to enjoy the peace and natural beauty. I enjoy working with Volunteers Around the World because not only do I get to meet the VAW volunteers and show them Cusco, but we also get to give back to the people of Cusco.

Dr. Yajhaira Peña

Dental Coordinator

My name is Yajhaira Peña. I was born in Cusco and I am a dentist. I studied at the Andina University of Cusco and worked for many years in the rural areas of ​​Cusco and Apurimac in health centers and ONG projects, where I learned a lot. Currently, I am working in my dental office, as well as studying for a Master’s Degree in Rural Development, because I am passionate about social work in rural and poor communities.

This year, I was selected as the VAW Dental Coordinator in Perú. I am very happy to be a member of the VAW family because it gives me the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, from different cultures and with different ways of seeing life, as well as creating positive social change and providing dental care to the people who need it most. In my free time, I like to read and watch classic movies.

Cam Nguyen

Site Outreach Coordinator

Hi everyone, my name is Nhu Cam, from Vinh Long province. My hometown is in the middle of the Mekong Delta, which is well-known for many fresh fruits and specialities. However, I move to Can Tho city to study and work. My major was International Business, and I graduated in 2021. Then, I worked as an intern assistant at GIZ, an NGO about climate change in the Mekong Delta. It is my pleasure to be a part of VAW. In my free time, I enjoy reading comic books and travelling.

Hope to learn many things from you!