About Us

Outreach Support Staff

Lauren Patterson

Team Development Coordinator

Marcos Benavente

Operations Assistant

My name is Marcos Benavente, I am 20 years old and I am part of the VAW Global team. I am currently working from Cusco, Peru. I got to know VAW Global through the community work done in my country. The impact that VAW Global has made is a reason for me to want to be part of it, so I decided that I wanted to get more involved! I am happy to work with everyone and make a difference together.

Michelle Drewien

Web & Product Designer
VAW Global

Michelle is the web and product designer for Volunteers Around the World and a myriad other companies. She designed the beautiful website you are currently enjoying, and has developed many other creative projects for VAW including flyers, banners and cards.

Naruko Pérez

Operations Assistant

Hello! My name is Naruko Pérez Honma, I am from Ica, Peru. I have a degree in environmental engineering and I am currently studying psychology. I enjoy studying and learning new things, so with VAW Global, I have an opportunity to learn other fields, strengthen my English, and also contribute my skills to the organization. I am confident that I will grow as a professional and as a person, and that this role will allow me to continue to enjoy traveling and discovering new places and cultures.

Noelia Nuñez

Operations Assistant
VAW Global

Hello there, I’m Noelia! I’m an anthropologist and photographer from Lima, Peru. A while ago, I moved to Cusco looking for new experiences and a change of scenery and I couldn’t have asked for anything better than what I had. By lucky chance, I ended up as an Outreach Assistant at VAW Peru in Cusco and it changed my life! 

I learned a lot about working with a humanitarian organization, working with people from other countries and cultures, and, most importantly, helping people that are in need for a bit of extra aid with health care. Undoubtedly, working with VAW and all the volunteers, doctors, dentists and teammates has been a unique experience in my life and I hope to help others have the same experience!!

Ngoc Le

Operations Supporter

My name is Ngoc Le. I was born and raised in Can Tho, a small town in the center of Mekong Delta Area, Vietnam. I studied International Business at Can Tho University, and graduated in 2018. After that, I began my career path in Administration and Human Resource Management, where I can pursue the passion of supporting other people.

During my spare time, besides common entertainment activities, such as listening to music, watching movies, etc., I enjoy going out for a walk or exposing to new experiences, like traveling and learning Ukulele or a new foreign language.

It was an unexpected opportunity that I came to know about VAW, and then, with many back-supports and encouragements from family and friends, I have officially joined VAW. By being a part of VAW, I can keep heading towards my life goal, specifically, to enhance self-development and directly contribute to the society, while spending every moment working but not-so-like-working by doing what I enjoy.